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Postpartum Wellness Class

Mothers are to be helped and supported after giving birth. They are to be given the space, time and nutrients to heal and rest.  They are to have friends and family members lining up to help her with her laundry, her meals and her energy.  This type of support allows her to take care of and bond with her baby for a smooth and restful transition.  

Ready to make that happen?

  • Women are highly depleted after pregnancy, giving birth and while breastfeeding.  This depletion contributes to fatigue, brain fog, anxiety and depression.

  • Women do not get the support they need after giving birth.  The same pressures and responsibilities are back within the first couple weeks.

  • Women often struggle with the changes that occur within themselves, their relationships, their homes and routines.  They have a hard time adjusting and need support.

  • Women are not given adequate education and treatment involving postpartum, nutritional depletion, depression & anxiety, and adjustment.

  • It can take time for women to grow in confidence as a mother and sufficient support and care is required.

But guess what...

Your Journey Can Look Different

You can begin your motherhood journey with wellness.  You can have the space, time and support to bond and take care of your baby's needs.  You can have a nourished body to ensure healing throughout your whole body.  You can have skills in place for the difficult days.  You can look back on this time with joy.

Join us for

The Postpartum Wellness Class

You will learn about postpartum wellness from a holistic perspective.  We will discuss how to ensure this season is one of healing and embracing your new role as mother.

Here is what you'll learn:

Depletion and Nutritional Needs

During pregnancy and birth, our bodies use a significant amount of nutrients.  This is called Postnatal Depletion.  We will discuss how to replenish our bodies for healing and mental health.

Adjusting to Relational Changes

Relational changes happen in regards to your spouse, your family, and yourself.  We discuss what these changes often look like and how to ensure relational wellness.

The Difficult Days

The difficult days will come.  Whether they are baby blues, anxiety & depression or just irritable from fatigue, they are inevitable.  We will discuss how to approach these days with a healing approach and when to seek additional support.

Postpartum Planning

Using all the information learned in the class, you will build and implement a postpartum plan to ensure your experience after baby arrives is what you want it to be based on your unique priorities and healing needs.