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EMDR Intensives

We are now offering EMDR Intensives for birth trauma!  Intensives are a highly concentrated and highly focused, requiring less time and cost to you.

What is an EMDR Intensive?

EMDR Intensives is a therapeutic approach that involves an extended period of EMDR therapy.  EMDR is a well-established, evidence-based treatment method used to help individuals process and resolve traumatic experiences, including a traumatic birth experience.

What are the benefits of an intensive approach?

1)  Faster Progress - Intensives provide an accelerated therapeutic experience, allowing clients to make significant progress in a shorter amount of time. This condensed format can be especially helpful for individuals seeking rapid improvement in their mental health or those dealing with acute symptoms.

2)  Immersive Experience - An intensive allows clients to deeply immerse themselves in the therapeutic process without the distractions of daily life. This focused approach can help individuals gain insight, develop new coping strategies, and foster personal growth more effectively.

3)  Enhanced Emotional Processing - The concentrated nature of intensives can facilitate more profound emotional processing and healing, enabling clients to work through complex or deeply-rooted issues more efficiently than in traditional therapy.

4) Continuity of Care - Intensive therapy programs often involve multiple sessions within a short time frame, promoting continuity of care and helping maintain momentum in the therapeutic process. This consistency can be particularly beneficial in addressing and resolving issues that require sustained focus and attention.

What Should I Expect From the Structure?

+ Two 60 Minute Sessions to ensure coping skills are in place, walk through your birth story and identify targets for processing.

+ 3-4 hour session to process through your birth experience.  Depending on your birth experience and your current state, you may choose to schedule multiple longer sessions.

What is the Cost?

+ $120.00 for 60 minute sessions

+ $430.00 for 3 hour session

+ $570.00 for 4 hour session

How Do I Start?

Please contact Stephanie to schedule your free 20 minute consultation. These consultations are NOT therapy but rather to help you and Stephanie to determine whether the intensive will be a good fit. If it is determined that an intensive will be a good fit for you, Stephanie will help you schedule the during the time of the consultation.